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Actually, I have several.

I watch Lost Girl. I hate Lauren, and would be horribly disappointed if she and Bo end up together, because Bo and Kenzi belong together.

I watch Once Upon a Time, because I kept hearing people rave about Regina/Emma. Turns out, they're my least favorite pairing. I like Snow/Red, Snow/Charming (but passionately Dislike Mary Margaret/David), Nova/Dreamy and Leroy/Astrid, Bella/Rumplestiltskin, Emma/August(Pinocchio) and as sick and wrong as it is, Emma/Mary Margaret.

I love Mass Effect, but the FemShep/Traynor pairing creeps me out so much I physically cringe every time I see it listed on a story. This is even stranger when you realize that I actually read and enjoy Wrex/FemShep.

I watch Warehouse 13, and as much as I love Myka/H.G., I also think Myka/Pete is adorable. I don't get Claudia/Leena at all.

I watch NCIS, and 7 seasons later, I still feel like Ziva is a poor substitute for Kate Todd, and still miss the Kate/Abbey friendship.

I watch Rizzoli & Isles, and I honestly believe that Maura would have a harder time than Jane dealing with the idea of the two of them getting into a relationship.

I watch The Good Wife, and I think the writers are intentionally writing Kalinda as having a massive crush on Alicia, and I'm actually more interested in seeing the 'Bi girl falls in love with her straight friend' storyline play out than I would be in a canon Kalinda/Alicia storyline.

I have never, ever watched a single episode of Glee. I have no intention of starting.

I tried to watch Pretty Little Liars. I think I lasted 2, maybe 3 episodes before I got bored to death.

I made it through 2 seasons of Teen Wolf in a single sitting.

I still ship Buffy/Willow/Xander, and I'm actually kind of upset that it isn't canon in the Season 8/9 comics. I also really wanted to see Buffy/Tara during season six when Willow and Tara broke up.
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