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Title: The Diary of Jane
Author: Argyle_S
Pairing: Jane/Maura
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Rating: NC-17
Length: About 27,000 Words
Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance.
Warnings: Explicit sex. Pregnant Sex. BDSM. Branding. Mentions of sexual assault.
Summary: Three weeks after the incident with Dennis, Maura has to fly to D.C. for the weekend to consult on a case, but she leaves something behind for Jane. Her journal, which contains a series of letters she's written to Jane over the months since the two settled their argument over Doyle's shooting. Letters she's been too afraid to show Jane.


My Beloved Jane,

I feel so stupid, so humiliated. I wonder how I ever hoped someone could love something as pathetic as me.

When Dennis walked back into my life, I fully intended to refuse to speak to him. The way he treated me was reprehensible. For someone to simply disappear for months, without so much as a word, a call, or an email. It was insulting. It was humiliating. I kept asking “what was wrong with me, that I could be so easily cast aside by so many different people? Why does no one love me?”

But my weakness was stronger than my pride. I needed so desperately to feel loved, or at the very least, desired. That there was someone, anyone, who wanted all of me. If it couldn't be you, I was desperate enough to accept any substitute.

I can't keep doing this, Jane. Yesterday, loving you and not having you nearly killed me. Today, it's worse. I see you holding Tony, hear you on the phone trying to arrange custody, and I remember my dreams of us starting a family and building a future.

I'll try to hold on, because I know you need me now, more than ever before. I'll try to swallow my feelings, to reach for you only as a friend and not as a would be lover, but I don't know how much longer I can do this before something has to give, and I only hope that our friendship is strong enough to survive when it does.

With all my love,

I wiped the tears from my face, wondering again how I could have missed what Maura felt. Hating myself because she'd nearly gotten killed because I couldn't get my head out of my ass. If I had, I could have spared Maura so much pain, and I would never forgive myself for that.

I looked over at the phone. I wanted to call Maura, tell her to tell the fibbies to go fuck themselves and come home. I wanted her here. I wanted to hold her, kiss her and make love to her.

The only thing that stopped me was that I'd promised myself I'd finish the journal before I made any decisions

Oh, I knew I was kidding myself. There was never any decision to make. Not once I realized I was in love with Maura. That I'd probably been in love with Maura as far back as the Fairfield case. I just didn't want there to be any doubt.

I turned back to the journal. There were only a handful of letters left.

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